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Thread: wirless networking with ibook clamshell

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    Cool wirless networking with ibook clamshell

    I've just purchased an ibook clamshell 366 for my daughter, running 10.2.8. Can anyone suggest alternatives to an airport card and they are coming out v. expensive (ebay).

    I looked at USB dongle's but they are 10.3 (tiger) and above and as the clamshell has a CD drive only I cannot install tiger as this is a DVD installation.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    I recommend first upgrading to Panther on the clamshell. You can get a cd version cheap on ebay. And I've heard of usb adapters that will work with Macs:

    Personally, I've never used this one before, but from the amazon reviews some people got it to work. Apparently you need to install these drivers (depending on the Belkin model you buy):

    Again, the BEST wireless solution is the very expensive airport original card. If you're willing to risk it, buy the one from amazon.

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