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    Unhappy Cable Modem and Graphit Airport Base

    Just getting started with Airport, as it has been a few years since I last set one up.


    iBook G3 800MHz and a graphite Airport base station (1999). Both were purchased on Ebay. I don't know anything about the base station's settings from the previous owner.

    I'm very Mac literate in software and hardware, just not Airport. When I contacted, we powered off the cable modem and after it reset, plugged in the ABS via ethernet. Of course the ABS lights were all flashing green, seemingly in synch with the cable modem activity lights. The tech saw the ABS after I gave him the Ethernet ID from the label under the base. However, it didn't appear to be pulling or giving an IP address. After awhile, I just gave up in the interest of time and set up the iBook directly. Does anyone have any advice on setting up the ABS, so I can use the iBook's Airport Card?


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    Use the Airport Setup Assistant. Before setting it up, I would recommend doing a hardware reset (just do a search on how to reset your particular model ABS), to erase any previous passwords or settings.

    The Airport Setup Assistant should go through all the steps necessary to configure it to acquire an IP address, and distribute IPs to all connected computers.

    If you're using cable internet, it tends to be configured by DHCP. DSL usually uses PPPoE. If you're not sure and you can't figure it out, call your ISP's tech support and have them help you out.

    Post if you need more help.

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