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    How to increase powerbook signal strength etc
    I realize this has been addressed in a number of places across the web but I can't seem to form a final opinion.

    I have a powerbook (new 17") and the wireless signal strength is terrible. Wireless is free in my building and all my PC laptops and desktops get signal just fine, whereas mine is now intermittent and prone to drop. I have seen the quickerteck antennas but there are so many different models and sources.

    What I am trying to figure out is if I can
    a) somehow use my pc desktop as a computer to computer network for my mac. I know how to set up a windows ad-hoc network but not sure of how to do it with 2 diff. OS's

    b) Instead of buying an antenna specific to my laptop if I can just use a USB/ethernet/PCMCIA mac compatible wireless adapter. I figure being external it would have better signal strength.

    c) If i need to buy an antenna which one should I get. I'd rather not spend too much money and also don't feel like having something fragile.

    Of these options which will work best? I use the computer mostly at my desk and that's where I really need the good reliable signal.



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    The airport express should be able to function as a wireless repeater. If you put it in a location with a good signal, it should boost the signal in your general area.

    Plus, if you move, it will be able to create a wireless network for you. I would verify with a store, and ask them if you can try it out in the store with one of theirs. My local apple store has an Airport Express set up in the store to demonstrate capabilities.

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