hi everyone,
so i'm new to this site and i have a PC to mac question for everyone. so i've kept a PC laptop because i need it to keep in touch with my girlfriend overseas via MSN messenger (video). it's been connected to the internet via ethernet card and i just recently got a linksys wireless-b card for it so i could be with one less wire running around my place.

so the problem is that i can't connect to the internet via my PC. it connects to my airport express but it can't find the internet. the IP address is fine at, subnet mask is set at and the default gateway is is there something i'm missing? i know that when i compare the numbers with my PC versus my powerbook the numbers are the same.

is it beceause it's a wireless-B card? can those not connect with the internet through airport express for whatever reason? i don't see why not. but my powerbook connects with the airport just fine so i know it's not a hardware problem. please help me! thanks