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    Question 3 Macís start up mega slow since networking (OS 9.2.2)
    HI I have three Macs at work all running MAC OS 9.2.2, two are the G4 400hz and the 1 is the 733hz I think, well its newer then the other two but older then the mirrored drive G4.they all have like 512RAM +

    They use to start up slow before, but after networking them I find you can weight up to 2 mints for it to start up.

    ē It starts up fine, itís just when they get to the desk top they just come to a halt. And then after a mint or so all the drives plus any files on desk top pop up.

    ē Also how do I stop the computers connection to each other on start up, just before they get to the desktop, they present me with the username and password screen so they can connect to the other Macs.

    ē Iím sure I can have them networked leaving file sharing on and they donít ask for the username password on every start up.

    ē Also I used to all ways get a massage saying file sharing can not be enabled on this drive when I put a zip disk in or a cd. I found this went away 1ns I added broadband to the network hub. Does any 1 know y this use to happen.

    PLs help


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    Hello MAK,

    I'm on a Win2000 network, but use a G4-500MHz tower as a workstation. I too, get the popups requesting username/pswd to connect to the various servers we have here. I can't answer all your questions, but some suggsetions may help you out.

    Have you tried trashing your TCP/IP preferences? Make sure to take a screenshot of them first to use as a reference. Then trash and set up your TCP/IP preferences from scratch.

    Another thing I did which reduced my startup from 20 min. to 2 min. was deleting some items in my APPLE menu. If you go to the APPLE menu and scroll down until you get to RECENT SERVERS, you may have a RIGHT-POINTING ARROW. Don't move your mouse over to the right, just remain directly over the entry RECENT SERVERS and let go of your mouse button. A new window should appear on your desktop with aliases inside. Select all of the aliases and drag them to the trash.

    Repeat this process also for the following entries in your APPLE menu: RECENT APPLICATIONS, RECENT DOCUMENTS.

    See if that helps any. Just doing that and trashing my TCP/IP peferences helped reduce my overall startup time. But honestly, 2 min. for startup isn't all that bad by the time you log into all your servers.

    Good luck MAK!


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