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    Hi people, I've followed directions, have my Mac (OS 10.3.9) connected wirelessly to my Linksys router, along with my XP system. Have username/shortnames that match on each system, with the same password. I was able to create an icon on my XP desktop that points to a folder on the Mac, and I can drag files in there so the Mac person can see them too. However, for the life of me, I can't get from the Mac to the PC ("alias cannot be found"). I've enabled file sharing, I have the same username and password, but I'm running out of ideas. Not a lot of options to play with. IP address of the PC is dynamic but is assigned typically, the Mac is, and my router is Both access the Internet fine, just need both-way sharing on this network. Any ideas on what I'm missing? And how does one ping from a Mac?

    Thank you!

    Destin Richter

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    Any software firewalls runing on the XP machine?

    Windows Firewall
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    Zonw Alarm
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    As said looks like a firewall problem. the basic windows one you can keep on if you want but just make it so you can allow your mac. To do that simply go into control panel > security center > firewall > exceptions.
    Others programs im not so sure, sorry.
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    You say you've enabled file sharing, but have you actually shared anything? You need to share something, such as My Documents, or similar, then it should show up on the network.

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    Yes, I've shared
    Quote Originally Posted by chuckalicious
    You say you've enabled file sharing, but have you actually shared anything? You need to share something, such as My Documents, or similar, then it should show up on the network.

    I've shared a folder on the Desktop on the PC, but it doesn't show on the Mac. The PC does not have a firewall enabled, I've made sure. The Mac is set to be shared and from the PC I have a shortcut pointing to it, which works (meaning, I can see from the PC the contents of the shared folder on the Mac).

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    I've been having the same problem for ages. I found a lot of helpful stuff at this site: Joel himself is very willing to help with specific situations if you've had a go yourself and don't get anywhere, so I'd recommend taking a look around.

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    Although there is some help at that site for the more simpler questions, it appears that another person beat me to the punch to stump the guy, and quite possibly a lot of other people. The solutions that the guy offers are kind of like "duh, already did that" and I found it to provide no new information that was going to fix the problem. For example, the same problem that both of you have at has only been a minor inconvenience. I am not able to access my Windows XP computer with another Windows XP. Pinging, sure that is fine, accessing the other computers from my XP computer? Fine and dandy. Trying to get a Mac or a Windows computer to connect to my XP computer, not possible thus far. A good friend of mine, who has a master's in computer sciences, who works extensively with Windows is completly stumped by this problem, and offers the suggestion that quite possibly my XP computer suffered some type of virus that allows it to be seen, just not accessed. The reason why I say this is because my roommate seems to have the same problem, where he cannot be accessed, but he can access others (he is also runnning XP) We have put the computers on the same workgroup several times, searched many forums, tested each theory, but to no avail. Nothing that the above forum offered was of any consolation, in fact I am quite disappointed that I had wasted my time. Everyone here is at a loss, and so am I, so does anyone have any GOOD suggestions?
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