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    Can I install a wireless card in my PowerPC G3 233MHz box ?
    Can anyone tell me whether I can install a wireless card for this desktop power pc. if where can i get a wireless card ? thanks

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    Depends what 233MHz PPC Mac this is-- I'd take a guess at a Beige G3.

    The key is to find out if the Beige G3 is PCI 2.1 compatible; if so -- you are in business. I don't know this off hand.

    There are a number of good options, the main one is ensuring you get a PCI card with the Broadcom chipset as this will be seen as an Airport Extreme card.

    An example is the Belkin F5D7000 Rev. 1 and 2 like I have in my PowerMac G4; it is seen and treated in every way as an Airport Extreme card and cost much less.

    These pages may help you:

    As I say the key is knowing whether these Beige G3s (if that is what this is, if not it may be a 604 based PowerMac) support PCI 2.1. If it doesn't, maybe a USB PCI card with a USB WiFi dongle.

    Supported USB dongles are the DWL-122 from DLink and any such adapter with the Prism wireless chipset such as the Netgear MA111 rev. 1 -- these drivers are found on DLink's website. Also RALink based wifi dongles are compatible with the drivers on their website.


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    Vicky thank. Yes its a beige desktop power pc and it does have 3 empty PCI lots. I don't know if they are 2.1 complaint. I'll have to research that. thanks again for the help.

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    Had a flick through my old manuals for Macs, and I am lead to believe that the Beige G3 is PCI 2.1 compliant.

    Looks like the world is your wireless oyster :flower:


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    Same here...did some more googling..and it does seem that this beige G3 desktop does support PCI 2.1. I think I can also verify this by finding out as to when the 2.1 standard actually came out and when this Mac was actually manufactured...I'll check out the Belkin cards on eBay. Thanks for your help.

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    In which case, make sure it is either:

    Rev. 1 or 2 - has the broadcom chipset; your best option, this will work identical to an Airport Extreme card. Sometimes called Version 1000/1133/2000 etc.


    Rev. 3 which is RALink based and has a Mac OS X driver, not as slick as Apple's AE interface. Version 3000. Works well though.

    Rev 4+ - grey area and not compatible.

    Belkin's pre-N stuff will not work. It has to be the F5D7000, not the F5D7001 etc.


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    Vicki do you know if a version like 1212 is just as compatible as a 1000 (with the 3 x zeros) or a 2000 (with the 3 x zeros) series adapters ? I'm just trying to clearify your last post.


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