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Thread: can't connect to wireless router

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    neye: Ouch!
    That was great. You should add it to the Mac Help pages.

    OK, IP I knew, Mac numbers I knew, how to find the Mac number I knew. The other bits DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), WEP/WPA were just strings of letters - Yes, yes, I know I could have searched, except I couldn't get online because I couldn't set up the router...:-) - which were not explained in the manual for the router. I did RTFM, honest! (German Telecom FM).

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    Hehe, that's cool Obviously your manual is a bit sh*t, so we'll let you off

    Maybe we've all learned something today

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    But I did RTFM, honest :-)

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    Hi.. i'm having the same problem connecting to my belkin via my powerbook.. when i put in my password for my 128-bit hex connection it tells me "Error joining network"..

    When i remove the security from the router,, i can connect fine!.. any ideas please

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