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    Is my network setup right?
    Hey gang,

    Newbie here so please pardon my ignorance...

    I wanted to get your input on my home network setup. I recently bought a 3Tb Time Capsule to I guess be the center of my home network. It's currently hooked up to my Brother 2140 Printer through a USB and hardwired to my cable.

    Devices that I use in the house include:
    - 1 iPad 2
    - 2 iPhone 4S
    - 1 samsung galaxy tab
    - 1 iMac
    - laptop PC
    - 1 Roku 3
    - 1 PS3

    Let me say that everything does works. All devices have internet access. However, I don't feel like I'm completed connected or integrated. When I look at AirPort Utility network map I only see "Internet" and "Time Capsule" connected. Shouldn't I see the other devices somewhere on this map?

    Current expectations include:
    - print from any device listed above (at the present time, I can only print wireless from the iMac)
    - share files
    - stream movies from any of these devices

    Any thoughts?

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    you won't see other devices on the airport utility "network map".

    to view the devices connected to your TC just click on it and you'll get a mix of device names and IP addresses.

    i had a bit of a job enabling wireless printing from my daughter's windows laptop but found the solution here:

    Windows Printing For Apple AirPort Extreme without Bonjour Wireless wifi - YouTube

    I haven't set up file sharing so can't help there I'm afraid sorry.

    Johann Gambolputty de Von Ausfern....of Ülm

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