Hi all,

I'm needing to force my laptop to connect to a specific AP based on channel and I'm not sure how to do it (surprising I haven't needed to do this in the last 5 years, but whatever) - ie:

AP1: SSID: WorkNet Channel 1, -85dbm

AP2: SSID: WorkNet Channel 11, -75dbm

OSX would automagically connect to AP2 as expected, which is fine normally.

I'm in the midst of trouble shooting an issue with AP2 and need to force my laptop to connect to AP1, but I'm not honestly sure of the procedure in OSX to do this - I mean I could probably go through Join Other Network to configure it, but is there a graphical way to list all of the AP's and channels so I can selectively join a channel without manual configuration (I want to be able to quickly and easily manually force it to certain AP's)?