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    Weirdest connection problem ever...
    So, I have a D-Link DIR-655 Rev. B (2.11NA) that I've used for a couple years now. We just moved to a new house and had our internet transferred. All the settings are the same, the only difference is that we're at a new house.

    Here's the weird part.

    Every computer in the house can connect to any site, except the Macbook pro. In fact, the macbook pro can connect to anything but Netflix and YouTube. No other computer has problems. On top of that, the same Macbook pro can connect to netflix and youtube if we switch to Win8.

    Flushed the DNS. No dice.
    Manually input IP and DNS. No bueno.
    I deleted all the saved WiFi passwords and started over. Nothing.
    I completely deleted the network settings folder in OSX so it had to be rebuilt. No improvement.

    Reset router. Fixed... for a little while.

    Again, no other computer in the house has this problem. Just the mac, and only when in OSX.

    I'm open to suggestions. I'm truly stumped on this one.

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    I'm open to suggestions. I'm truly stumped on this one.
    Seems like you tried many things to resolve the problem with no joy. Have you tried switching browsers? You didn't mention which browser you're using but give some others a go to see if you have the same problem.

    Also, I believe NetFlix and YouTube rely on other software in order to work properly. Make sure your Flash is up to date for example. You might also check with NetFlix from Windows 8 or one of your other computers to see what their requirements are. You may be missing a plug in.

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    I think you are onto something there. If other sites are accessible and those two aren't missing/incorrect plugins may be the answer.

    @OP What exactly happens when you try to connect to these two sites? In YouTube for example can you get to the site and have everything on the page load except videos?
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    That's a good question, Slydude.

    I had to install Silverlight to watch Netflix on my Macbooks..
    But before I installed it, I could still connect to the site, (could not watch content, though).

    If you can't connect to the site at all (yet all else is working), I'd follow chscag's advice and try out different browsers? I can't imagine plug-ins being responsible for this? Surely you would still reach the site and receive some error message (usually advising you to install xyzplug-in etc?)

    Good luck. CB
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    As you said cowbrain - Silverlight. Make sure you have the latest version from Microsoft.
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