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    Limit Bandwidth on Shared Network Help
    Hi there,

    I am the account holder of an internet account shared between three families. I have a new 2GB Time Capsule as the router with an airport extreme extending the signal. Our internet is satellite internet and extremely slow so we all have the hand-shake agreement that we will not use Skype/FaceTime/Netflix and that it will only be used for browsing and/or messaging.

    I know that one family is constantly using Skype and FaceTime to speak with relatives thereby constantly slowing the internet making it un-usable for the rest of us.

    I am looking at options to limit their bandwidth. I know that I can't do that with the Time Capsule and/or Extreme so am looking for opinions on non-apple routers. Please send me some links with recommendations for possible routers with which I could limit bandwidth for all users (would prefer to be able to set up a guest account with limited bandwidth).

    Thanks a bunch!

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    Big problem with unfriendly family members or beighbours.

    Have a read of this for suggestions:-

    networking - Options for bandwidth management on a shared internet connection - Super User
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    To start there are a lot of different Modem/Routers out there, from D-Link, Buffalo, Netgear and so on, so it comes down to how much you want to spend too.
    Saying that, I have the NetGear DGND4300 (DGND denotes a Australian version) . . .
    With this router, I have 2 bands, that I use to set up WiFi for me and the missus, and off them, I have the Kids WiFi set up for them, as Guest Networks. There are 3 Guest Networks for each bandwidth, so all up, I have 8 possible different networks set up.

    For you, you could set up the 2.4Ghtz as your Primary Network, for you, and off that, set up 2 Guest Accounts, each one for the other 2 Families, and then restrict the Bandwidth they have, and/or the time they can use it.
    For me, I have the kids slowed to 300mps and it turns off and 930pm and comes on again at 630am.
    So you could drop their Bandwidth to a place where they don't get a good connection, enough to restrict the FaceTime and Skype calls. At what speed this needs to be ?? That, all I found was a mention from a Article from Anandtech say 100-150Kbps for smooth FaceTime, so slowing to that much, would slow their network considerably. . . . But latest writings, Apple say you need a network speed of 1Mbps for HD Video upload/download stream. So with those numbers, you get a idea of what you need to do to restrict them.

    Now all the latest Routers would have These features, and I have given you 1 option, and thats because I haven't had a problem with NetGear for the last 3-4 yrs, and their CSR is very good too.

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