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    Airport Extreme Speed?
    In three days I should receive a new iMac from Apple (3.1GHz processor, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD - and the wireless is 802.11ac). Presently I am using an almost six year old Apple Time Capsule. My ISP is ATT U-verse Max with download speeds up to 12000 kbps. Using my current Time Capsule router the fastest download speeds I can get range from 3,500 to about 7,000 kbps. If I turn "wi-fi" off on my MacBookPro and go from the ATT modem to the MBP with an RJ5 cable I consistently gets speeds of 11,000 kbps (download of course).
    If I get the new Time Capsule (or the new Airport Extreme) that is 801.11ac should I get download speeds anywhere close to those when I have the modem and computer hard wire connected?
    PS - of all computer peripherals, from my on-line research, modems seem to be the component most loved and most hated. I found a couple of on line reviews for the Apple Airport Extreme (or Time Capsule as it's the same thing plus a hard drive for back-up) that put it high on the list of best modems (the CNET review was one that made it a top choice).
    Anyone here using the current/latest Airport Extreme that like it?

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    You got that right about hated. Can't seem to get more than two years from any brand, Netcomm, Linskys, TPG etc. At the end of the day they are all just modem/routers and your speed will be governed by many other things with ISP, phone lines, distances from exchange etc and age of copper lines.

    Here in rural Australia 8.8Mb/ps is about it.
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    Here in rural Australia 8.8Mb/ps is about it.
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    I had an AEBS for years with no issue my neighbor is using it now and its still working bought it when the first dual radios were available and now I use the latest Time Capsule but both had identical speeds both wired and wireless.

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