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monosan 03-21-2014 02:02 PM

Airport Extreme log entries
On a new Airport Extreme (model a1521) I have a log entry named InetReachability daily (nightly).

All it says is "Time to get WAN IPv4 Address" and then the same value = 58498 secs

Anyone knowing how I shall read this?
  • Like in 'Time left untill getting ...' or
  • Like in 'Time spent waiting to receive' aka an error msg

Like you can see below the timestamp shows that it is within a minute exactly the same time every night

DATE&TIME Time to get WAN IPv4 Address
20140315010429 58498 secs (~ 16 hours and 25 minutes)
20140316010440 58498 secs
20140317010449 58498 secs
20140318010502 58498 secs
20140319010514 58498 secs

caribiner23 03-21-2014 03:46 PM

I read this as "check every day for internet connectivity at the same time, and give me 16 hours to wait for an answer."

More importantly, is the router working? Are you seeing any errors in performance? If not, I'd ignore the log.

monosan 03-22-2014 02:00 PM

Hi Caribiner23

One of my customers have a 3 unit wifi sitting behind their ISP router. The units are:

- one Airport Extreme (latest/model A1521 with latest sw versions) running as bridge/master,
- one Airport Extreme and one Express running as extenders

Periodically they experience that one of the units 'turns yellow' in Airport Utillity and no internet. I initially tried to restart the unit in question but found that the only thing that helped were to restart the master - Even if it were showing up as 'ok/green'. At one occasion I even had to restart the ISP router to get them airborne.

The ISP router is an old Netopia 3347 v.1 from 2005 (!). The incoming line to the router always tests ok and a directly cabled internal info-tv system + surveillance system also works fine. It is only the wifi. I am as you may realize not deeply 'net-knowledged' but to me it seems that the 'handshaking' between the Netopia and the bridge some time hangs.

monosan 03-23-2014 05:51 AM

Forgot to mention that the Airport Extreme running as master/bridge were bought to swap with the previous AE that had exactly the same problem ...

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