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    IP CCTV Camera's & Software
    HI Guys,

    I am looking at what options I have for CCTV around my home.

    I have an always on Mini Server that is connected through HDMI to my TV in my living room and I want to use this as my access system. I need the cameras accessible from my iPhone / iPad as I work away a lot and this is the reasoning behind the cameras.

    I want the cameras to be PIR activated so they only record when there is movement so it saves on HD space.

    Has anyone used the IP camera's and if so are they any good?

    The cameras I am looking at are the wired type and will take as much installing as standard CCTV cameras, I just feel that IP cameras are a more modern idea and will future proof me a little. I might have a wireless camera added at a later date to watch some wildlife in the trees next to my house but thats a nice to have and not related to security.

    Has anyone any sugestions on both hardware and software? Also do the cameras just wire back into a standard switch and the video handled by software?

    If the IP cameras are no good be honest and tell me! I am satisfied I will be rolling around in an itchy loft for a day or two but I only want to do it once, not twice to put up normal CCTV after I have been let down!

    If you have a better suggestion than IP cameras & software please can you recommend it, but bear in mind I want it connected through my network and displayed on my TV ideally through the Mac Mini Server and accessible from any internet connection.

    I will be trawling through the site for assistance setting up my fixed IP as I have one but I cant get in it yet.. But thats ongoing so far.



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    IP cameras are good, just make sure you change the passwords from the default or they can be accessed from anyone on the net.
    As far as software, I've used SecuritySpy before and had no problems.
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    Thanks for that Craig, looks good software but a little expensive.

    Does anyone know any free softwares I can use for at least a trials period to see if its working how I want?

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