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    final story with ibook and cell phone
    I had started an earlier post about the problem I was having getting my cell phone to work with my ibook via bluetooth (phone to work as modem).
    Well, after talking with several, several people at Cingular.... I finally got someone who knew something. They asked if I had downloaded the software off of the cingular site and I hadn't. I then asked, "wait... before we go any further, is the software compatible with Mac.?" They looked it up and said, "oh, no it doesn't. Only windows!"
    So, that took care of that. I even spent a day at the Mac shop and the techs there tried and tried to get the thing working.

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    did it finaly work?
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    Do we need any further proof that the good ol ma bell telcos are the scourge of the earth now? Cingular stinks for tech...and I wouldn't anticipate that changing any time soon...

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    No it didn't work because they don't support Mac. But, I'm ok with what I have for now.
    I'm able to pick up emails on my phone using Cingular's Media net.
    And I'll just have to find hotspots or use my 1-800 number thru dial up to use my laptop when I'm out and about -- which doesn't happen often.
    What cell phone companies have you found to be the good ones - Mac friendly etc.?
    I had verizon and hated it. I just paid 200.00 to get out of the contract. I was paying a ton of money for just voice mail! No camera phone, nothing.
    they wouldn't work with me on it and every single person I talked to in customer support was extremely rude.
    I thought about T-mobile because of the hotspots they offer. But then went with cingular.

    One question about data transport using bluetooth.... I wonder if I can transfer my address book info from my laptop onto my phone having cingular?
    I only have media net and not the data package. I'm able to take pictures on my phone and using bluetooth, sending them onto my laptop.

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