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NielsJoormann 01-14-2014 04:36 PM

I can't access the official Apple Support Communities!
When I try to get I reach with other Apple users on the official Support Communities on Apple - Support. After loggin in with my Apple ID, I have to pick a username for the Support Communities. However, no matter what I pick, it gives me this error message: "An account utilizing this email address already exists. Only one account per email address is allowed on Apple Support Communities." It seems that once upon a time, I've already created a certain username for this website. But I can't find that username anywhere, and the help provided by Apple only covers restoring your Apple ID-username (which is something different apparently). Any help would be great!

NielsJoormann 01-14-2014 04:43 PM

To make matters worse, I can't make an appointment for Apple to call me. The website seems to be stuck in the United States version (where I don't live) and therefor it won't accept my phone number…

pigoo3 01-14-2014 06:10 PM

Not an "Apple Rumors & Reports" topic. Thread moved to more appropriate location.

- Nick

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