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Thread: How can I stream movies that are on an Airport Time Capsule on my iPad 1?

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    Hello again - yes, the Airport Extreme is the Apple router by itself - I have the flat previous model which is 802.11 b/g/n - the newer 'vertical' one adds the newest 'ac' protocol. Apple simply decided on a new design for their top of the line routers (w/ or w/o storage) - don't know why - possibly for placement of multiple antennas?

    Well, a Wi-Fi connection to the internet does make a big difference - And you're right about the SD cards, the 32 GB ones are fairly inexpensive but might hold just a half dozen movies, depending on their length & compression software used - we did not know 'how many' movies you wanted, but from below up to 200 - that would be a LOT of SD cards, so the AirStash device I mentioned (which can 'stream' movies to your iPad) would not be a great option for you.

    Quote Originally Posted by magentawave View Post
    The Airport Extreme is like the Airport Time Capsule minus the built in hard drive, right? If so, how come the Airport Extreme is tall like the Time Capsule and not short like the Airport Express?

    I was thinking that I want watching a movie on my iPad to be as easy as watching a movie on my iPad with Netflix which means I'd rather access a few hundred movies on a big hard drive directly than to have to constantly be loading them on to an SD card.
    I do not own the Apotop Wi-Reader so you'll have to read the links provided previously; from my understanding this device (which has NO inherent storage) will set up a Wi-Fi network and stream from a variety of attached sources, including SD cards, USB sticks, or a USB external drive, so the latter might be a choice for you?

    You're really 'beating your head against the wall' over this router issue - you don't need a router just a 'Wi-Fi' network & the appropriate app(s) on your iPad to use either the AirStash, the Apotop Wi-Reader, or something like the Seagate GoFlex. If you have 'super' antennas to pick up 'public' Wi-Fi in your motorhome, then I'm assuming you will have a device that will broadcast the signal in you motorhome for use w/ the iPad?

    Quote Originally Posted by magentawave View Post
    The Apotop Wi-Reader looks interesting and $54 is reasonable. Did you get the $53 model or the $80 one?

    I was considering the Seagate wifi hard drive before I found out about the Airport Time Capsule. I've seen a couple new Airport Time Capsules on Craigslist for about the same cost as the Seagate wifi drive but with twice the TB.

    I'm still figuring this out but I think the reason for needing a router (and the Apotop Wi-Reader is a router too) is that I will probably have an omni directional wifi antenna on the top or a small Yagi directional wifi antenna (to pickup free internet) that will be connected to a signal booster, and if I remember correctly, I think the router needs to be connected to the booster??
    Well, does your friend have the same 'taste' in movies that you do? If so, would he allow you to duplicate his HD - then the Apotop Wi-Reader would serve your needs - just thinking out loud here @ the moment.

    BUT, if you want 200 movies and the movies are about 2 hrs long each, you'll need 400 hours to transfer these movies from a DVR (which still has not been resolved) to whatever media you decide to use? Now a single sided DVD-R holds about 4.7 GB of video; of course, depending on your video compression software, file size might be reduced to half of that size - I just checked two of my DVD-Rs (from the TCM channel; each a 2 hr film) and nearly all of that space was used; thus, using 4 GB/movie x 200 = 800 GB, so a 1TB external HD would be your minimum requirement, again cheap if you go w/ nearly any brand these days. Dave

    Quote Originally Posted by magentawave View Post
    No I haven't figured out how to transfer the movies from a DVR to my hard drive yet because I've been too busy lately with the rebuild of my RV but Direct TV said its doable. A friend of mine just told me that he has a hard drive with 200 to 300 movies on it so I'm going to check that out this week. Normally I would need MP4's for the iPad, right? But since I'm not going to download them on to the iPad, or play them from iTunes, maybe it won't matter what format they are in? There are a couple highly rated iPad apps that enable you to play many different video formats on an iPad.

    Regarding how many movies I'm going to take with me... well, since I'm heading to the tip of South America, I was hoping to take at least a few hundred movies.

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    Just to chip in again. Most routers will not connect to free wifi and re-broadcast it to it's connected devices.

    Even if you use a router/bridge than can connect and rebroadcast wifi (like a TP-Link nano router for example) many cannot connect to 'free' commercial wifi as there is often an authentication process (username, tel no, tick this box for terms and conditions etc) that the router can't handle.

    In this instance you'd need to connect directly to the free wifi from you're iPad not via the router.

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