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    Use the Linksys E1000 as a switch with Airport Express as the base
    Hi Guys,

    I've received conflicting views from around the web about this. Would appreciate if someone could assist me in demystifying the network issues I'm currently facing.

    Got two routers, the airport express (AE) and the linksys E1000 (LE). The way my network provider works; have to connect to the internet via PPPoE.

    Problem: I'd like to connect AE to the provider (WAN) and use its WiFi and use LE as a switch with no Wifi so all devices connected to either router can be seen on one network.

    Got the AE connected to the internet just fine by adding the PPPoE settings. So, that solves the internet connectivity. The IP over LAN for AE is

    Hooking the LE to AE
    The single ethernet port on the AE is now connected to the LE. In setup, changed the internet connection type to auto DHCP. Left all the settings as is, just added security and SSID to wireless. So, as it cuurently sits, IP for the LE router and devices are 192.168.1...

    Current Scenario
    SSID from AE = Airport
    SSID from LE = Net

    I can connect to the internet from either one of the wireless networks and all the device hooked over LAN to the LE connect to the internet just fine. However, what I really want is, AE to broadcast the WiFi and LE to only work as a switch so all devices connected to Airport see the NAS connected to LE.

    Any help?

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    Closer than you think.
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    Spend the $30 bucks and get a GB switch.

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