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    Wifi software instrusion dectection question
    I have installed a new Airport Extreme router on my system. All is going well but now
    the Who Is On My Wifi free version software on one of my PC's shows all machines now not online, when they clearly are.
    I have an iMac, a couple of ipad Airs, and a couple of PCs running on wifi through the
    Airport Extreme.

    Is there a better way to monitor my "who" is on my wifi ? What is going on that the
    free software now shows everybody offline when with the Linksys router, it showed
    the machines online ?

    Thanks for your replies, and if you think I don't even need wifi intrusion software that's
    fine with me, or even a better way to monitor use. I do not have close neighbors.
    I have another post in the OS X operating system forum if that matters-it's on another subject.

    Appreciate it.

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    You probably don't need any monitoring software if nobody lives close by. Just use the security of the WPA pass words on the AE. If you want to see who's connected, from the iMac start up Airport Utility and click on the image of the AE. A window will show everything that is connected to the AE. You can then hover over the connected device names and get more information on each.

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    Thanks for the quick reply and the info.
    I will see how it goes without the who's on my wifi.

    Like the fact that one can just click on the image of the AE and
    see whose online through the router.

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    Best defense is WPA2 Personal with thirteen numeric and alphabetic password with some caps.
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