Hi there,
I'm looking to set up a small network in the house but before I do I wanted your thoughts as I not very good with this sort of thing and usually end up in a mess!!!

I currently have a 2011 and a newly acquired 2013 MBA, a 2007 iMac a brand new Apple TV and a windows 7 laptop and for storage/networking a 2TB airport time capsule and a 2 TB seagate go-flex home NAS And currently running wifi off a bt home hub

the set up I have in mind is to disable wifi from the home hub and hard wire the airport time capsule and use this solely as wifi host then run the seagate from the airport ( hard wired) along with a printer and an airport express to give me wifi in my garden retreat

Does this sound feasible? Has anyone used a similar set up or come across or foresee any problems with this?
Also would I be able to steam from the NAS to Apple TV as I would like iTunes to be on the NAS for convince so we all have access

Your thoughts would be appreciated