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    Question 3G data card recs
    Hi guys,

    I'm just looking in to 3G/GPRS data cards for my mac powerbook.

    I only need to use it on occasional weekends, on our boat that we've just bought.

    I've had a look at vodafone's website and ebay. I think I've concluded that its not really worth getting a contract card which costs about 60 to buy and the lowest monthly contract is 29.38 per month which includes 250mb of data. Which is probbers a bit too much money to spend per month, if I'm only going to use it every other w/e or so.

    The other option is pay as you go, the card costs 199 from vodafone or from ebay 60-70. The charges are 4.00 per mb. Now I don't think I'll be downloaded a lot of data - but occasionally I may need to do some work and send large files. I don't really know how much data I use in my leisure time (which is mainly what I'd use the data card for).

    I've not really looked at other companies - not sure who the best ones are (I've always be more than happy with vodafone on my pay as you go sim for my mobile). And I don't think anyone else is compatable with Macs?

    Does anyone have any opinions or recs on other competitors - or indeed offer any advice on anything I've overlooked as I'm not really technical minded.

    Thanks very much!

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    Pay as you go mobile vs contract deals
    Pay as you go vs contract phones, Are pay as you go phones which is worth it?



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