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    Current Socket Connections
    Ive been having a problem with slow internet, I thought it was just my ISP so called their help line.

    They asked me to check my current socket connections, I seem to have a lot of connections. They think this is whats slowing my internet!?

    Could this be causing a problem?

    How do I close these connections?

    Thank you!

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    Sorry, lots of questions but it really will help to narrow the problem and hopefully get you a solution.

    1. Which Mac and version of OSX do you have?

    2. How are you checking open sockets?

    3. Do you connect wirelessly or with an ethernet cable?

    4. How are you measuring your internet speed?

    5. If you connect at a friends/family members/work/coffee shop etc do you get the same speed issues?

    6. If you log into the guest user or create a new user do you get the same speed results?

    7. Is the slow speed limited to browsing? or are downloads, updates etc affected?

    8. Which browser do you use?

    9. If you try different browsers are the results the same?

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