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Thread: Time Capsule + WiFi Extender

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    Time Capsule + WiFi Extender
    I used to use a Linksys n router with an AirPort Express and three Netgear extenders, it worked fine. When I purchased a MacBook, I replaced the Linksys router with a Time Capsule.
    I cannot connect the extenders to the TimeCapsule, the setup gets as far as connect to the extender, but it wont connect to the TC.
    I have got around the problem by connecting the Linksys to one of the TC's LAN ports, then setting the extenders to log onto the Linksys router, not very satisfactory.
    Surely the should be able to accept extenders.
    Regards Peter
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    I'm pretty sure you can only extend an Airport Extreme or Time Capsule wi-fi network using an Airport Express or another Airport Extreme.

    Johann Gambolputty de Von Ausfern....of Ülm

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