I have a Verizon Mifi 4620L hotspot for my 4G wireless connection. I currently have things set up wireless/wan between that and cradle point MBr95 router. (these are about 6 feet apart)

The mbr95 is connected by ethernet cable directly to a brand new 2TB Airport Time Capsule.

I have a brand new Epson xp-600 wireless printer plugged into the Time Capsule. '

I have not configured any back up yet, but I I have tried printing from this network from my brand new MBP 13", my iPad 2 and my iPhone 5. All print well so it appears the network is working.

I also have a brand new airport express which is still in the unopened box.

My question is about moving the printer directly downstairs because the current situation is in my kitchen where the best MiFi connection is.(4G, usually 2bars)

If I move the printer downstairs, should I plug it into the airport express? Will the airport express pickup the signal from the Time Capsule?

Or should I switch the time capsule and the airport express? If so, why? I currently do not have ethernet wiring through the house and would rather not go that route if I can help it.

Your thoughts? I really want to be able to diagram this out and see some other diagrams of similar setups using a hotspot and not a hardwired internet modem.

Thanks in advance.