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    Router to Access Point to Repeater
    The main router is some really terrible router provided by our ISP. It's called F@ast or some stupid similar name. Not a very known brand but that's what we have.

    and then we've got Belkin play. This actually isn't an access point, it's a modem router. But it has a "use as access point" option in the settings. I connected an ethernet cable from the F@st router to the Belkin and did the settings to use the Belkin router as access point.

    So far, everything was going well. I was able to connect to the internet using both routers wired or wirelessly.

    the very other side of the house had almost no wireless signal from either the belkin or the f@st. I bought tp-link thinking it would fix the problem, but it didn't do anything. I connected the tp-link to a computer to fool around with the settings and I found a whole bunch of options.

    - Access Point
    - Multi- SSID
    - Client
    - Repeater
    - Universal Repeater
    - Bridge with AP

    I only know what access point does and what a repeater is. but i've gotten kind of confused after reading all these options. the manual only explained how to get each of these to work, it didn't explain what exactly are these.

    Anyways, I tried the two that I knew, neither worked. I started testing every other option. None of them worked. I figured the problem might be that i'm connecting so many things together without having belkin to be a repeater.

    Can somebody explain what are the options in the tp-link and what do they mean. Also, and more importantly, can somebody please tell me how to deal with the problem and get the wireless to connect in my room?

    I know I probably haven't given you everything you need to find out what the problem is, but i tried my best here, and if you have any questions that you think might help you find the answer please ask and i will respond as soon as i can.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Alright, I know that nobody cares about this problem. But I found the solution and I'm gonna post it anyways just in case somebody needed it.

    The problem is that I tried to make the routers and the repeater do everything on their own. The problem didn't get fixed no matter how many restarts or resets I do to each device. Then I remembered Einstein's quote of insanity. So I stopped doing it and started looking for a different solution.

    First of all, I had to make sure there the routers and the repeaters did conflict. So, I had to assign a static IP address to each device. I made the original router, that's connected to the modem, number 1. The access point that's connected to the first router was number 2. And the last one, which is the repeater, was number 3.

    And then I had to make sure that there won't be any IP address conflict with the devices connected to any of the three devices. So I had to set up the DHCP with every router and repeater. For example I made number 1 take care of 5-99. Number 2 takes 100-199. Number 3 is 200-240.

    The last thing I had to do is set the repeater to be a Universal Repeater. I have no idea what it is, but one thing for sure is that the normal repeater didn't work, but the Universal Repeater worked. I don't exactly understand why, but there ya go.

    I hope I didn't lose you with all the number and my sucky way of explaining.

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    Glad you got it working. I just now saw your first post and I'm not a network wizard so I couldn't have helped in any case, but didn't want you to think nobody cared...and thanks for posting the solution you found, someone may need that in the future.

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    my pleasure

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