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    wireless connection problem iMac
    I hope I am in the right place.

    Story: I have an iMac MBP and MB all connected wirelessly. Had problems with connectivity today with Comcast Cable. They reset me and I used my MBP to check it, back on line no problem.

    However, both the iMac and MB say there is no connection. They are registering on the network, appear to be valid however there is no connection. I have set and reset the modem and router numerous times, restarting the machines each time still no go.

    I cant figure out what to try next since all three used to work fine, and now only the one is? (fortunately most of my business is done on the MBP

    any ideas out there?

    thanks in advance!

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    This is almost certainly related to MAC addressing (which has absolutely nothing to do with Macs or any product from Apple except that, like all Internet-capable devices, they can have such an address).

    The LIKELY solution is to disconnect/disable your devices from the network, then power-cycle your cable modem (non-nerd translation: unplug it, leave it unplugged for at least a full minute, plug it back in). Then one by one add your devices to the network.

    If that doesn't work, check your router's settings to see if the router's MAC address is tied to one particular device, or cloned from one particular device. If there's an option not to do that, take it.

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    Thanks I like the NON nerd translation.. fairly new to macs (couple years) pc I could pretty much build .. since Macs are SO GREAT I never have problems and thus it becomes a real learning lesson when something does happen,

    Okay so disconnecting from the network .. I should do this with all three?

    And will it find the same network when I go to connect again.

    biggest question .. where do i go to turn it off? (most likely it will be the same on MB, iMac, and MBP im assuming.

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    On your Macs, there is a wi-fi signal indicator in your menubar. Clicking on that will (depending on what OS version you're running) reveal a first option of "turn Airport off" or "turn WiFi off" (same thing).

    So that's how you disconnect Macs from wireless networks.

    Unless you rename the network, the machines will find it again on their own when you turn WiFi/Airport back on after the power cycling.

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    Guess I was hoping I had missed something, I did do what you mention here, in the order mentioned.

    Okay, before we go any further .. is it possible a router can work for one and not for all i.e.: it is 'beginning' to fail .. it was not until after our last postings that I realized that my iPod and phone (android) also are not able to connect?

    I dont want to go out and buy a new router if not necessary but have NO problem doing it if it will end this ! At this point Im trying to wrap this pea brain around the thought of a router working for only one and not others?


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