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    Network drive not mounting on startup
    Hello, i have a Macbook pro Mid 2012 that does not connect to my netword drive via wifi on startup since putting in an SSD. Before the SSD it would connect fine after putting the mounted drive in the login items list.

    My theory is that my Macbook is starting up too fast now and it tries to mount the drive before wifi is connected, so i get an error that the drive can not be found.(i forget the exact wording, but is an error) Does anyone know how to fix this? I would really like the drive to just mount on startup but mounting it manually is doable. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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    What kind of internet connection do you have? And are you shutting down your MacBook Pro instead of putting it to sleep? The reason for the questions are that if your net connection is maintained at all times there should be no delay in mounting the drive.

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    I have cable internet going through a wireless Linksys router. The drive is attached via usb to the router. The problem occurs when shutting the computer down and starting/restarting it. The drive does stay connect while asleep...or else is remounts very quickly. The problem is just on startup and i do shutdown my machine every so often.

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