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Thread: Stolen imac

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    Stolen imac
    SO this is a simple question. MY IMAC WAS STOLEN!!

    However, prior to it being stolen it was on a network with my mac book pro. I know the police can sometimes track a computer by it's isp address. Is there a way I can locate the isp address that was on my imac because it was once networked to my laptop.

    No I didn't have log me in on either of them.

    I would love to find the thief more than the imac believe me!!!

    Thanks for the help?

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    An IP address is allocated by the ISP. Change of ISP and the IP address is also changed alas.
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    As pointed out by harryb2448 the ISP address is of no use in this respect. The addresses which are, however unchanging and individual are the computer's MAC numbers. These are in the format 00-11-24-cc-f0=d0 and there should be one for ethernet and one for airport cards on the Macintosh, and possibly others.
    You should be able to derive these from the original labels and paperwork. The serial number is also hardwired into the mac somewhere, I suspect.
    good luck

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