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Thread: Need more stability

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    Need more stability
    Both myself and my wife work from home, she is on video calls all day so the modem and Apple Airport Extreme are located in her office (for direct connect). We don't have a coverage issue but my laptop (WinTel) likes to drop the wifi signal a couple of times a day. Usually when I'm on a Lync call or during a large data transfer.

    Was thinking of getting the new Airport Extreme (vertical one) and using the old Extreme to Extend or Bridge and use the Ethernet ports for my laptop and Mac Mini so I'm not reliant on the laptop's wifi. The Mac Mini doesn't drop the connection ever.

    Will this solve the issue? Should I Extend/Bridge the main wifi or the guest network?


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    The Apple Airport Express can be used to extend the network from the Airport Extreme and is more economical to purchase. I would think you will only need one Express unit to accomplish extending your network. No need to use the guest network.

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    The Express only has 1 LAN port where I need 2. I'm not trying to extend my WIFI I need to get a Mac Mini and a HP laptop off of WIFI.

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    You can use the old AE in bridge mode - am doing so with a first gen Time Capsule that sits in my entertainment center along with a switch and provides ethenet access to 7 devices along with a 2nd wifi network instead of extending the existing network. However, am not bridging from the wifi signal, ran 100' CAT 5e from the primary modem/router. Am thinking I tried it once just as a troubleshooting for some one else a few years ago and it seemed to work ok - but I'm senile, so I could be dis-remembering.
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    I decided to try powerline network and it's working extremely well. Other than the HD in my Mini decided to crap out today. Disc Warrior is up to 152 disc malfunctions while trying to rebuild the directory

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