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    netscreen VPN and tiger
    I just got set up with VPN access to work from home. Problem is, all the people that do it have only done it with Windows and never tried on any other OS. I would really like to be able to use VPN on my Mac, and was wondering if anyone could suggest anything?

    The VPN server is Netscreen, which is made I think by Juniper Networks. Authentication is done by RSA SecurID. The built-in MacOS/X VPN options in Internet Connect seem to support SecurID, but I can't get it to connect. All the server I've done has only turned up one way to connect: VPN Tracker, which is an $89 program. I'd prefer to be able to connect with free software. Actually, I don't care if its free, but my wallet does.

    The guys at work say that OpenVPN *should* work although no one has tried it. I've got OpenVPN installed an also TunnelBlick - a GUI for managing OpenVPN. I'm stuck at the step where you need to edit the config file. HELP!

    If nothing else, I may end up just purchasing VPN Tracker and trying to get my employer to pay for it. $89 for a program is way cheaper and easier than buying a PC and Windows XP.

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    Just in case anyone is interested, I ended up using VPN Tracker. It works great. I had problems getting it to work at first, but their support was great and I was up and running after a bit.

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