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    Question which wireless wifi network is best
    I hope this is the right sub forum for this discussion. I am currently using my phone as a mobile hot spot when needed( 2 g for 19.99/month and not locked in) I don't download big files- just for internet, apps, hulu plus for streaming .
    I can't do anything on the hulu- keeps freezing and buffering. I was thinking of getting a mobile hot spot through best buy. 3 g would run 30-35.00 depending on the carrier(at&t cheapest).
    Any suggestions on carrier for strength and reliability- i don't need 5 g at 50.00/month
    It would be for my iPad and iPod touch 5. I may have to get a new iPad 4 now rather than wait for (probable) new version in a few months if my appt with genius bar cant't get my iPad 1 working again- i can't even play my jewel quest game without it going back to home screen- I have an appt this sat AM to let them look at it- no warranty, of course ,so if not easy fix, I will have to get a new ipad now.
    Hot spot on my phone drains the battery in no time so it is only for quick internet usage and such

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    A lot depends on your locale. Generally, Verizon in my opinion offers the best coverage and does include the mobile hot spot feature for your iPhone and iPad. I've done some price comparisons between Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and the newer service from T-Mobile. While T-Mobile is the least expensive, their coverage is weak once you leave a large metro area.

    You're probably on the right track with AT&T since their coverage is almost as good as Verizon's and prices are somewhat less.

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