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Thread: New Transporter Purchased

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    New Transporter Purchased
    I just purchased a "Transporter" (made by Connected Data), and wanted to share my experience with this product with those who are interested.
    (NOTE: I have no ties to Connected Data or any of its products. I am just a fan and user of Technology).

    Background on Connected Data.
    The cofounder of Drobo left the company with a number of his employees to do this project. It started out as a KickStarter Project and raised significant funds. Very recently Connected Data and Drobo have come to an Agreement on merging their companies and could provide for some very interesting synergies.

    I chose the model with no Hard Disk and put in a WD Scorpio Blue 1 TB 2.5" Drive.
    I put the drive in and fired it up yesterday and I have to say it was super easy to do.

    The Transporter is a very versatile device and can wear a number of hats.
    1) A private cloud service
    2) A cheap Personal NAS Device
    3) A Backup Device
    4) A colobaration device

    Why a Transporter?
    Cloud Service - More and more people are finding Cloud Services to be very convienant and useful and they are. But there are two issues; Privacy of your data and cost of the service. Both of these issues are addressed with Transporter becuase the data you store on it yours and in your possesion, no one else has access unless you grant them access. Once you purchase the device there are no monthly fees.
    Connected Data has multiple platform Apps for OS X, iOS and Windows.

    NAS Device - Once installed you have access to all the data that you put onto it via your own Network or over the Internet. This product provides this functionality at a much more affordable price than "traditional NAS devices".

    Backup Device - It provides backup in two different ways. If you purchase just one then you can choose to have a local File Copy on your computer "as well as" having a copy on your Transporter. These copies are automatically kept in sync. You can take this another step up and provide yourself "Off Site" backup by purchasing a 2nd Transporter, connecting to the Internet at a different location and the two devices will automatically keep in sync with each other.

    Collaboration Device - If you are a Small to Medium size Business Transporter has very rich support for File Sharing and Project Colloboration amongst Work Groups. You control who gets Access to the Data.

    As I play with this device and learn more about it I will update and share my experience with it.


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    Transporter as Time Machine and Offsite backup
    I am looking closely at one of these myself for an offsite backup. I guess I looking at two of them, actually!

    I am wondering if the Transporter at home can be set up as my time machine backup and still sync with the off-site Transporter.
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    Sound interesting, please keep us informed how it goes.


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