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    Can iTunes/iPhoto Media folder be located on my Time Capsule?
    As I'm new to the forum a big "Hello" to everyone.

    The hard drive of my MacBook Pro is almost completely full and my largest files are (surprise, surprise) photo and music files. Is it possible to move all that media on to my Time Capsule so that iTunes and iPhoto (and why not iMovie while I'm at it?) would access those files directly from the Time Capsule and not my MacBook Pro's hard drive? How do I do it if it's possible? Are there any difficulties that anyone has encountered with this way keeping files separate from the computer? Does playback in iTunes significantly slow down for example?



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    I have my iTunes library on a Time Capsule and it actually works quite nicely. You must be aware though that the Time Capsule is not a server. All it is doing is holding the information for you Mac, iPhone or other device. Give this a read for directions

    I have not done it for iPhoto so I don't know about the limits there but here's what I notice for iTunes.

    1/ Make sure you mount the Time Capsule on the desktop before launching iTunes. If not it will complain about not being able to find the disk with the library. If that happens simply quit iTunes, mount the Time Capsule, then launch iTunes again.

    2. The Time Capsule can be little slow to get going sometimes but I have not noticed a huge problem. Though I don't do movies a lot.

    3. If you put the Time Capsule in your login items it will mount the drive with a Finder window open and therefore your library is available for iTunes. This leaves an open Finder window until you close it. Not a problem unless that kind of thing annoys you.

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