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    Unhappy wifi connection acting up slightly and suddenly

    ive had a macbook pro since 2010 and ive never had connection problems ever. well until recently, about 2 days ago my connection suddenly went unstable and i really don't know what the cause of it is. i mean i can get connection and its still fast as always but in the time frame of 1minute to a hour it will stop loading pages or go offline skype yet still show its connected and at full bars.all i have to do to "fix it" is turn airport off and back on or close the lid putting it to sleep and waking it up again and eventually after 1 or 3 tries it will connect again for god knows how long before it does it again. whats going on? why is it suddenly doing this out of no where? is there a fix?

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    Had precisely this problem last week with a Linskys modem/router. A new TP-Link works like a charm. Have found three years is a pretty good run although local thunderstorms can bring about an early demise!
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    idk if it would be the router cuzz it worked fine for the past 4 months with the new router...well maybe i do notice it sometimes disconnects with my pc tower as well. though it was doing it to my tower for a while never my mac till now.. guess i gotta call rogers and ask em to manually restart our internet connection or whatever they do when it corrupts hmm maybe change the connection channel as well.. might be it.. ill let you know

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