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    Multiple Airport Conflict Question
    At the first of the year I replaced my Airport Express with the new Airport capable 1 TB Time Capsule drive from Apple. I used all the same WiFi settings as used in the Express so that several other phones and tablets needed no adjustments. I recently gave my father an iPad and found he can not connect it through WiFi when in his room at the opposite end of the house due to range or obstruction.

    Our main DSL modem (not WiFi) is in the exact middle of the house. My question is, can I add the Airport Express back to the network at an open Ethernet port on the DSL modem with the same network settings as the Time Capsule to effectively extend the range or should it be set up as separate WiFi networks such as joe1 and joe 2 so there is no conflict.

    The preference would be just one net to log into for some of the less tech savvy in the house.

    I also realize I could move the Time capsule to the Modem location to solve the problem since it is at the midpoint and effectively a network storage device, but would rather keep it located with my mac.

    Any advice is appreciated
    Thank You

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    An AE can be used to extend your existing network - there are tons of setup walkthroughs - here is just one.
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