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    Playing media files from Time Capsule hard drive
    Hello folks,

    [I posted this on Apple Support Community as well and awaiting answers]

    I am using my 3TB Time Capsule to host all of my video files, most of which are MKV files. I also have an external hard drive connected to the USB port on Time Capsule and there are few video files on it as well.

    I am using Time Capsule as a router sitting between the cable modem (WAN) and my locan network (LAN). I have an Argosy HV355T digital media player hooked up to my home theater and TV via HDMI. It is connected to Time Capsule via Ethernet.

    On Argosy media player, I am able to connect to Time Capsule (login is successful) but I can neither see the hard drives nor their contents.

    When I connect the external hard drive to the USB port on Argosy, the hard drive is recognized and files from it can be read and played. Thus I have ruled out the possibility of Argosy not being able to read Mac formatted hard drives.

    I tried to use uPnP on Argosy to connect as uPnP client to Time Capsule, but nothing happens. I thought uPnP is turned ON by default on Time Capsule.

    Why am I not able to see the Time Capsule hard drive from my media player?
    What am I missing in my setup?
    Do I need to install a media server device to read files from hard drives and storage, and stream to media player (Argosy)?
    How are you folks using Time Capsule to play video from its hard drive on to your TV?


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    You need to make sure your sharing the disk out by using Airport Utility.

    Next on your media player you need to browse to the disk (can't describe how as I'm not familiar with the media player you have). The disk is shared as a samba share smb://

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