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    loosing wifi connection

    I have been having problems with my wifi connection...both me and my boyfriend use macbooks (his is two years older then mine), and we have a wifi conection in our home that we have been using for 4 years with no problem. Now, since 3 days ago, my wireless connection is failing all the time, while my boyfriend's is working just fine. So there seems to be problem with the wireless device in my macbook pro, or some configurations that needs to be done.
    Does anybody have anything to say that could help me.

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    You could try changing the wifi channel on your router. It's just possible that there is some interference from someone nearby who is using the same channel which is enough to upset your connection but not his - unlikely but worth a try? If you are running Lion/Mountain Lion then you could use the Wireless Diagnostics facilities, see here for a starting point Wi-Fi Scanner Tool is New in Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Here’s How to Use it

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    1st step

    System Preferences - Network - click the lock if it's locked and enter your password - Advanced
    Remove all the networks from the Preferred Networks box
    Then rejoin your local network
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