Hey everyone. I have a 13" Late 2011 MBP running Lion 10.7.5. I recently moved into a new apartment and think I'm having an issue w/ my Airport Extreme. My old setup was: Airport Extreme to a powered USB hub to multiple HDDs and a printer from which I was able to access the HDDs and printer wirelessly. I've only setup the Airport and one HDD connected directly by USB and I notice the external drive sometimes shows up on the desktop and sometimes it doesn't. When I go to Finder and click on Network then Airport sometimes I get 'hung' on "Connecting..." and/or I get a spinning pie or I timeout and get an error message like "Airport can't connect". I haven't had any issues w/ my wireless internet connection, only when I try to connect to the external HDD or play movies from the HDD on my tv thru my xBox using Rivet or Connect360.

My question is - is there a problem w/ my Airport? Or am I doing something else wrong? Any advice is appreciated.