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    Post Not asking me for a password for my wifi, cant connect to my router!!
    hi guys, I was searching around for a while but couldn't find the answer to my issue so i decided to join up!

    Macbook pro 13" 2012

    I had never put a password on my router before so i decided to do it a couple of months ago. When the router powered back up i couldn't connect via my macbook. it shows in the drop down menu but when i click my network it doesn't let me enter a password, It asks me when i try to join other networks, just doesn't on my macbook. The wifi signal on the top of the mac screen lights up like it is trying to connect!

    The router works fine with other products in the house,

    Can anybody help me please!!

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    It sounds like the password was never entered correctly or somehow was reset to a null. Reset your router by pressing the small reset button either on the back or bottom of the box. Then access the router from your browser and set it up again. Make sure you know how to access the router from your browser and that you know what the default userid and password for it are before doing the reset.

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    I would say also that you need to go into System Preferences -> Network, and highlight the Airport section on the left, then select Advanced down at the bottom.
    Click on Airport in this box, and then select your router name, followed by the minus sign underneath.
    This will delete your router info from the Mac, and next time you try to connect should ask you for a password as it will be detected as a new network.

    Hope this helps,


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