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idea3 01-27-2006 04:23 PM

eMac and wireless Networking ???
I am trying to connect my eMac wirelesly to the internet
First of all: is it possible?
I have a 1GHz G4 emac with OSX 10.4.4, will it be possible to connect it wiresly. I am not sure if this machines have the network cards build in (how can I check it?)

Second question (if the first option will not work).

I have a DSL connection at home. My PC laptop is connected wirelesly. I am trying to connect my MAC but have no phone plugs in the room where Mac is located. I am trying to connected it by using two wireles modems. First will be connected to the phone line, second will kind of transmit/carry the signal and from there I could use a cable to connect it to my Mac. Is this doable and how would I set it up?

Any help will greatly appreciated - thanx

MadRhino23 01-29-2006 08:49 AM

Sure... your best solution would be to pick up a wireless USB adapter that is compatible with your wireless router.

Your second question is basically your first question, your just wanting to join the eMac wirelessly.

If the range of your router cannnot reach your eMac, you may need to pick up a wireless access point.

I am not sure of your living surroundings. If live in an apartment, you may not even need an access point.

If you need help, just email me. :headphone

to_tough_to_die 01-29-2006 01:41 PM

To find out, go into the top left corner and click on the blue Apple logo.
Then go under "About This Mac" and click on "More Info" (this will open up the System Profiler).
Go over to the left pane in the window, and under "Network" click on "Airport". It will describe what Airport Card you have, if there is one.

The eMac you have has an Airport Extreme slot, if there is no Airport card, Apple's site sells one.

Hope it helped.

idea3 01-30-2006 10:56 AM


No, my eMac doesn't have the airport card. I have a USB adapter here, which maybe I can use, but I was hoping I can use my two wireless routers and connect the eMac to the router with the USB cable. So it would be: eMac connected to the router with the USB cable, this router would connect to the other router wirelessly, and this router will be connected to the phone plug.

I have no idea how to set it up on the eMac

ps. Madrhino - I droped you an e-mail - thanx

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