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    Network/Mac Newbie Question
    I have a really complex and weird question.

    I have an iBook G4 and connect wirelessly at my home (through a netgear router, i believe). I'm the only mac and haven't really had a problem until recently. For some reason, my brother's computer clashes with mine. He has an Acer that runs on XP and whenever they are on at the same time, AIM wont work for either of us OR browsing the web wont work for one of us. To get it back to normal, we have to completely reset the network by shutting everything down and unplugging/replugging everythign.

    Also, I can see them on the network, but they cannot see me. I do not know if that has something to do with the clashing, but I think it's odd that my computer doesn't behave that way with the other windows machines in my house. Does anybody have ANY idea what I could do to fix this? I've searched forever and can't find anything anywhere!!

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    ok well about the not being able to see problem. There is a program available called PCMaclan its free to download. this allows PCs to see macs on networks. Assuming you are just connected to the network for internet the computers are obviously not used for file sharing. With this program you can set up file and printer sharing etc.

    i use the same kind of setup, 2 Pcs , 2macs and both the pcs have this program and it works a treat. No problems so far.

    and is your bros comp wireless 2

    Hope this helps

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    it sounds like there is some sort of routing conflict. you should check and see if the router is giving the same ip address to each computer.

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    Can you give us a detailed sketch of your network? Do you have any HUBS/SWITCHES in the network?

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