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Thread: mail's outgoing server won't work :(

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    mail's outgoing server won't work :(
    hey all,

    got a little problem with mail... i'm trying to configure its settings on a new mac at work... up to today i've been using my powerbook at work and mail's been great. so i decided to copy the settings from my powerbook's mail to the powermac's but no luck (both run OSXtiger)... i can recieve mail on both, but i can only send mail from my powerbook, with exactly the same settings...

    bizzzzzzare, i say

    help me please... i dont wanna carry my powerbook to work every day....
    it deserves better...

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    no ideas - just sounds very weird - check that u av transfered the setting over completly

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    Your best bet is to backup your existing emails, delte the accounts, then create them, but not from the old mac....

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