Hi all,

Currently I have a PC set up as a media centre linked to my main room TV. I have back ups of all my DVDs on there for ease of use. A hefty size coming in around 2TBs.

All works well. I use Air Video to stream Xvids to iPads for the wife and kids etc. This server package and client app works superb and on the fly encoded to make up for Apples lack of recognizing these dominant formats.

I have had a main "tower" PC, I do everything on. Its hooked up to another TV in our bedroom. Its great for watching films late at night when were both tired and in bed. Of course PCs can view Xvids so no probs there.

The above tower main PC is to be replaced on Xmas day with a MBP. Is there any software for the mac that can serve up Xvids and play them on my MBP? I don't think I need transcoding as surely the MBP can take Xvid format via VLC or whatever.

Does anyone else serve Xvids to a MBP from a PC or Linux? If so what do you use to do the job?