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    Can't access
    Okay so this is really starting to drive me come I can't access this router configuration address in ANY of my browsers?? (IE or Safari). Man this linksys thing is making my head hurt

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    I don't know much about LinkSys routers, but from I have picked up here and elsewhere, they occasionally do this. I understand that you may have to reset the Router, I'm not sure how, but resetting it will return it to it's factory default setting.

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    What Linksys router is it? I have never had a Linksys change it's IP address on me in the years I have used them. Try unplugging it from the AC for a few then back in. If it still does not work, with it powered on, hold in the reset button in the back till the lights blink and it resets. It takes 10 seconds or more. I think somehow the Routers default IP was changed.

    What model is it?

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    Does it prompt you for the username and password? If you are on wireless you need to be connected to access the router
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    You can still access the router if you are on a wireless connection I do it all the time, but it would def. help to be connected. Like everybody else, you'll probably just have to reset the router.

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    Have you an active firewall? Or perhaps you have the firewall active in OSX? It could be this that is causing the problem - anyhow you are better off resetting the router and trying again, as has been mentioned.
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    try using firefox

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    Quote Originally Posted by christm
    try using firefox
    I don't think that that's the problem.
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    If your trying to access it wirelessly then you must have Wireless Web Access and Remote Management both enabled. Go to the routers setup and go to administration. Enable both Wireless Web Access and Remote Management. You should be able to access it wirelessly now.

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    What's your IP? can you ping Is it wireless? Is there a link light on the router.

    If your IP is anything other than 192.168.1.XXX you won't connect to if it's try, you get the idea.

    If you can't ping you won't connect to the web interface. Your gateway should be the router IP in this case. If the ip is you aren't getting an ip from the router.

    If it's wireless it's most likely according to linksys defaults.

    No link light, connection. Try another port/cable/NIC or reseat every thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djlee12
    I don't think that that's the problem.
    i actually had to DL and use firefox to access my linksys router page. i have a wrt54g. i thought it was wierd, but it worked.

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