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    Can't connect some sites thru VPN
    I currently connect to my office thru a vpn. i am traveling thru countries that monitor web traffic and thus need to use the vpn to look at sites that i don't want others to see. On my coworker's PC, I can visit any site while connected to the vpn and there is no problem. on my mac however, i cannot visit some sites. why would that be? would it be a problem on the vpn management side or on my mac? thanks for any help.

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    Are they sites with ActiveX controls? If so you're never going to view them on a Mac,... or at least not until some miracle happens.

    You can drag the VPN connection to the top of the interface list in Network Preferences and OS X should attempt to use the VPN before the ethernet interface for finding web sites.

    try another browser if safari can't handle it.

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