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    g5 integrated wireless antenna...huh?

    had my g5 powermac a month or so now and i had read about this integrated wireless antenna that it has, when i got it i tried setting it up on the net through a wireless connection to my router, but i couldnt find any settings that mention a wireless card or anything...this wasnt a problem coz the router is right next to my mac so i just hardwired it.

    anywho now i need to move the router coz a wireless card has gone on one of the other pc's in the house and i was just wondering what the deal is with this wireless antenna thingy in my mac? i do have a fairly old and crap origo wireless router but whats odd is i cant see any settings for anything wireless.

    hope im not being too much of a noob, lemmi no and feel free to laugh if i am



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    First do this:

    Apple Menu (upper left hand corner) > About this Mac > More > Network > Airport. Does it show an Airport card as present in the G5?

    If not, stop. You either have no Airport card or it is broken.

    If so, Next, go to System Preferences > Network > SHOW : Network Ports Configuration, and make sure that Airport is checked.

    Once it is checked, at the top of that page select from the drop down menu: SHOW: Airport. Then select: By Default Join: Automatic.

    You will now be able to click on the option that says "Show in Menu Bar" at the bottom of that screen. An Airport icon will now appear in the Macs menu bar.

    Use the other tabs to set up your wireless as appropriate.

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