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    Unhappy My wifi doesn't work
    My wifi doesnt work properly. It can connect to the network but cant open a web.

    that also happens with cable.

    i tried to go to apple service center, they said I have to re-install my mac. But because it takes 1-2 days of work, I postponed it.

    Do you guys have an alternative solutions beside re-install my mac?

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    Take a look at your Network Settings in System Preferences. Even though it may say "Connected" some times there is an explanation of it off to the side. Normally it will say "AirPort is connected to Router Name and has the IP address" If that is the case then you could probably take this next step to troubleshoot.

    Applications > Utilities > Network Utility

    Click on Traceroute.
    Enter www. google .com (without the spaces) then click Trace

    the 1st line would be your Router, the 2nd should be your Modem, and the third would be somewhere on the internet. if there are no lines after the modem, your internet is messed up. if there are no lines then you may just have to re-install your "mac". whatever that means. Good luck, hope this helps.

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    If you get the same result with your wifi connection and when you connect to your router with a cable, it might be the router.

    Do you have another Mac on your network that is able to connect to the Internet?
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