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    Windows shares not available on airport extreme
    I just got a 17" Powerbook, it's great but for some reason my windows network shares arn't showing up anymore. I've got the shares on a windows computer connected with a usb modem to the internet, then from the network port i've got a network splitter. From one of the ports on this splitter i've got a regular non-crossover cable going to my airport express base station. Before I had that same cable running from the splitter plugged into my iMac g5 and i'd just go to the network tab in finder and i'd be able to connect from there. Now I can't when using Airport Extreme on my powerbook.

    Any suggestions? Thanks :mac:

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    make sure your folders are setup for file and printer sharing, select the folders you want to be shared by right clicking and goin to "File and Print Sharing" (on windows pc)

    The firewall thats set by default on the mac you have to do some tweaking and add access for the other computers to access the Apple. Ive had this trouble. I can access my Windows PC worries with accessing files. but when it comes to accessing the files on the gets a lil tricky.

    Hope this helps.


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    Thanks, i'll try that tomorrow. Sister and boyfriend is sleeping down there right now, they're over here for new-years. I'd best not wake him up. I guess I could just stream some noisy music down there to do it for me. Hehehehe. :spook:

    If anyone else has any other suggestions don't hesitate to reply, you could really help me out here. :mac:

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