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    DNS configuration with roaming wireless
    Hi folks

    I just don't have enough DNS-foo to sort this out.

    Billion BiPAC 7402GL modem/router with 4 port switch
    No problems connecting to my ISP
    I have 3 devices connected to the Billion via ethernet
    1 Time capsule
    2 airport express

    all 3 are set to Create a Wireless network with identical network name and security
    all are in bridge mode
    all get IP addresses via DHCP on the Billion and the Billion does NAT
    DNS for all 3 is set to the IP of the Billion
    DNS on the Billion is set to my ISP DNS (and I have the same problems if I set the DNS on the Billion to OpenDNS or Google's)

    I have problems with some websites intermittently not loading - and for all the world it looks like a DNS problem - stale entries in a cache etc etc.

    The computers connected via wifi to the network all have DHCP and their DNS set to the IP of the Billion.

    Is this configuration correct?

    I hope I have described the configuration clearly - three wireless access points all connected via ethernet to a model/switch.

    with many thanks


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    I would use the "extend airport" option in the Time Capsule rather than setup a back fed WIFI network with in essence three separate WAPs.

    Put the Billion as a bridge and use the Time Capsule for routing. Set the Time Capsule to provide DHCP with public DNS servers (provided your ISP will allow public DNS).

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